Stephanie Slattery

What am I doing now?

What is a now page?

  • Trying to find time to unwind and reorganize my office at home between trips to Indianapolis, DC, Portland, and San Francisco over the next three months. @_@
  • Preparing to receive talk proposals for the first Super Fun Friends Zone conference. I'm a co-organizer, and this will be my first time on the other side of CFPs.
  • Finishing up my second major project at Clique Studios.
  • Prepping to present at Github Universe.
  • Writing the second season of Ask Again Later, which starts back up in October. I'm really happy with the trailer my husband and I whipped up for this next season, and I'm looking foward to seeing what Halloween-time Midwestern Gothic looks like.
  • Packing up to present at Write/Speak/Code 2017 on a panel about invisible illness with some of my good friends. I'm looking forward to participating in the alumna track this year and having something to kick my butt to work on side projects.

Last updated on August 25th, 2017